Blue Lotus Flower

Blue Lotus Flower, stained glass mosaic, 34.5" x 34.5" (36" x 36" framed), 2015 by Kasia Polkowska 
This was a comission inspired by a previous lotus flower I created. The inspiration flower was a 23 inch square. This one was made to be bigger, a 36 inch square.
See the Full Blog Post about the Mosaic:

Just like all of my flower designs, this kind of a mosaic is available to be commissioned in any color and size. Email for more info.

A Gift for a Baby

Stained Glass Mosaic Moose for Kaylyn, 2014 ~SOLD

This was a really fun project for me.  I've  been wanting to work on an animal mosaic for a long time now but haven't had the time.  Creating this Moose as a Christmas gift for my niece was a great opportunity to finally make that happen.  This is the last mosaic that I completed in 2014.

Some of the reasons why the moose is the perfect animal to live in my baby niece's room are the wonderful spirit animal qualities that it posseses.  The moose as a spirit animal will let my niece of her importance here on earth, that she possesses special gifts unique only to her and that she is here for a reason. It will be there to remind her of her greatness and to let her know to take pride in her accomplishments in life. It will whisper to her to always find the joy in and of life.  Its wisdom will teach her when to be gentle and when to be strong, to always take action in a balanced way.  Those are just some of the reasons why this moose will be a good guardian to the little one.  On top of that, it is a majestic creature and every time I see it in nature, it feels like magic! It is very graceful and powerful yet goofy.  I think it will be a perfect roomate to the baby =) 

Artwork Designed, Created and Copyrighted by Artist Kasia Polkowska

An Easter Egg Hunt Gift

Red Rose, stained glass mosaic, 12" x 12", 2013  ~SOLD
I created this beautiful rose as an Easter Egg Hunt present for my niece Adriana who's middle name is Rose =) Prior to starting the project, I asked her if she could choose just one rose, what color would it be? She told me red and red it is!

Artwork Designed, Created and Copyrighted by Artist Kasia Polkowska 

A Pet Portrait

Tuff Guy, stained glass mosaic, 16" x 11", 2013  ~SOLD
A collage friend of mine commissioned me to create a portrait of her and her husband's Hahns Macow as a present for his birthday. The mosaic is inset in a black, floating frame.

Artwork Designed, Created and Copyrighted by Artist Kasia Polkowska 

A Wedding Gift

Shenandoah Sunset, stained glass mosaic on board, 12" x 24", 2012 ~Sold
This mosaic was created as a wedding present for really good friends of Kyle and mine.  Years ago a group of us spent a weekend at Shenandoah National Park and we all enjoyed a beautiful sunset in the Shenandoah Mountains - that was the inspiration for this special piece.

A Wedding Gift

Fairy Tale Spring, stained glass mosaic on board, 12" X 24", 2012  ~Sold
I created this mosaic for my best friend and her husband to be as a present for their upcoming wedding. My friend loves fairy tales and mountains so I used that as the basis for my composition. She is also a collector of my work, so I knew that this would be a perfect present for her.  All the white circles, the palace, the blue windows in the left mountain and the blue circles in the sky are created with iridescent glass so they shimmer and change color in the light =)

A Wedding Gobblet

Untitled, stained glass mosaic and broken glass goblet, 9.5" x 12", 2012" ~SOLD

 Below is an angle view which shows some of the three dimensional elements of the mosaic.

 This project revolved around the breaking of the glass - a Jewish wedding tradition. The central element of the piece is the broken glass which marks the beginning of married life for the young couple. From there a new life unravels the way that a Koru fern unravels slowly and symbolizes new life, growth, strength, and peace which I think are all good wishes for a young couple. One of the reasons the mosaic is dictated by the color green is because the bride loves green. Another symbolic reason is what green stands for: healthy relationships, life, fertility, balance, growth, learning and harmony which all apply to a happy marriage. (you can see the front view in the next photo)

A Father's Day Gift

Ella's Mosaic, stained glass mosaic on board, 9" x 12", 2012  ~sold

 This is a special father's day commission: a calm sunrise over Lake Michigan in Chicago on the day that a little princess entered the world of two really great people.

A Gift for a Baby Boy

U's Firetruck, stained glass mosaic on board, 16.25" x 24.25", 2012 ~NFS

This mosaic was a surprise baby shower gift for a couple of very special people who were expecting a baby boy.

A Gift for a Baby

A New Life, stained glass mosaic on board, 11" x 16", 2011   sold
This piece was specially commissioned by a very good friend as a surprise present for a very special young couple expecting a baby. The healthy, little girl was born this morning so I thought I'd celebrate by sharing her new mosaic. My guidelines, as with most of my recent commissions were very flexible: "I'd like it to be abstract but also have the joy of creation, the beauty of a new life coming into being..." I chose the spiral (koru) shape to be the key design element which is based on the unfurling of a silver fern and symbolizes new life, growth, strength and peace - all that come with the creation of a new life. I knew that the recipients of the mosaic love yellow (optimism, renewal, hope, enlightenment, joy and happiness) and orange (energy, balance, enthusiasm, warmth, and vibrancy) - so that inspired the color palette. What makes this piece extra cool is that it seems to work in all directions.

A Birthday Present

Echos (View 1), stained glass mosaic on board, 8 5/8" x 16 5/8", 2011    sold
Echos (View 2), stained glass mosaic on board, 8 5/8" x 16 5/8", 2011    sold
 This piece was commissioned as a birthday present. Inspired by Pink Floyd's "Echos" (This mosaic is made with iridescent glass to alter with the changing light. Its impossible to capture the effect with a photo so I included two examples of how it canchange colors) Click to go to blog post: to read a little more about the project.

A Wedding Gift

Untitled, stained glass mosaic on board, 8.5" x 11", 2011   sold
A commissioned mosaic for a special wedding gift from the bride to the groom who loves the mountains and lives in Seattle, Washington. It was inspired by what I image a beautiful day in the mountains up near Seattle would look like.

A 50th Birthday Gift for Mom

"A Beautiful Day", stained glass mosaic on wood, 2010   sold
I made "A Beautiful Day" for my mom's birthday so that despite the weather and whatever may be going on, she can always have a beautiful day. Her favorite colors are orange and yellow. Even though I created this piece in the summer, I traveled a couple months into the future to capture my favorite view of Mt. Elmore in the brilliant autumn colors.

Illustration Recreated as a Mosaic

"In Stripes" stained glass mosaic, 24" x 19", 2008 ~SOLD
I based the above mosaic of off Gosia Polkowska's self-portrait titled "In Stripes". Gosia (my older sister) creates funky characters using the MS paint bucket program. I think that the bold shapes in her work really lend themselves to being recreated in the mosaic form. 

A Painting Transformed into a Stained Glass Mosaic

This is my interpretation and reproduction of Friedrich Hundertwasser's original painting: "Winter Painting - Mister Snow", mixed media, 92cm x 60cm, 1966.